Fancy dress costume of choice. Always looks like a cop out. But I know.
What am I doing with my life??
I’ve been carrying a lot of tension lately, and I’m largely attributing it to the upcoming Fargo tv series. You can’t just turn my favourite movie into a tv show without consulting me! And without the treasure that is Steve Buscemi.
Inside Llewyn Davis. 

This kid was the best character and he tragically only got 1 line. Major disappointment.
The Grand Budapest Hotel. Total dream, obviously.
Fruitvale Station
Anonymous said: are you on twitter and instagram?

FUNNY YOU SHOULD SAY THAT because I am in fact obsessed with instagram. its @isabellenyima there’s a link up top of ma page. i dont tweet because i have nothing of import to say 

A pre-bed penguin from a quick visit to the Grant Museum earlier
A speedy housewarming sea bass for a friend
A speedy one from Rushmore
Nebraska was such a dream. June Squibb is a treasure
Two of the many faces of global hero Bill Murray
A few more from the Grant and Hunterian museums
Paper cutting of a kiwi skeleton from the Grant museum
Skull of something I saw at the Grant museum. Pretty sure it’s not a ram. Might be wrong