A bangarang Peter Pan
My favourite person in the world maybe?
Boyhood 👌
Had too much fun seeing the butterflies at the natural history museum
A commissioned birthday gift. Drawn from the birthday girl’s photo from her travels in Fiji.
Celebrating Norwegian constitution day with my expat Scandis in London
A birthday card for a friend, drawn from one of her great photos taken of her trip to Morocco
A quick scribble of some of the delicious gaudi we witnessed in Barcelona
The view from our terrace in Barcelona
For my grampa who always sends me art history books. The design is from a 16th century ottoman textile, hence the broken up nature of parts of it. 
Was not super successful on the symmetry front as I was mainly concentrating on the ole netflix
Spent my first night not maniacally revising making place names for my mums dinner party that I’m not even invited to. What a life.
Fancy dress costume of choice. Always looks like a cop out. But I know.
What am I doing with my life??